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Oregon Cannabis Consultant & Marijuana Expert Opinion

Oregon Positioned to be Cannabis Industry Leader

Oregon has been a pioneer in the medical marijuana industry since 1998, and has been at the forefront of cannabis production for over 50 years. In 2014 voters approved Measure 91 making Oregon the third state to legalize cannabis use, possession, production, and distribution for adults.

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If you are currently involved in the cannabis industry in Oregon or if you are exploring opportunities in this exciting new market, you need a marijuana consultant to help you cover all your legal bases. You need a consultant with actual experience in the cannabis industry and understands the complex laws and regulations that are in place as legal markets expand. Perhaps you have been charged with a Controlled Substance crime involving marijuana? If so, you need the opinion of a marijuana production and distribution expert.

Michael R. Hughes is a legal cannabis consultant and marijuana expert. His unique knowledge base, along with his work within the cannabis production and distribution industries gives The Hughes Companies unparalleled experience to provide you with comprehensive consulting and opinion regarding cannabis production and distribution.

The Hughes Companies Provides Comprehensive Legal Consulting For All Levels of the Cannabis Industry in Oregon

Cannabis Business Legal Consulting: If you are involved in the cannabis industry in any way, whether as a farmer, processor, extractor, edible maker, retail distributor, or even a government agency, you need to consult with someone who understands both the industry and the complex laws and regulations surrounding it.

Liability Assessments: The cannabis industry is fraught with pitfalls, whether you are talking about the medical or recreational market. There are both criminal and civil liabilities that must be explored. Additionally, there are complex rules and regulations being established by state and local governments. For individuals and businesses looking to get involved in this market, consulting with an attorney regarding these potential liabilities is a critical component to any business plan.

Compliance Reports: As the cannabis industry continues to operate in the light of day and under legal rules and regulations, proving compliance will undoubtedly be the responsibility of those operating in the industry. That will require lengthy reports that document compliance. As banking options open up in the future, and as investors start looking to come aboard, Oregon businesses will need to be able to quickly and succinctly prove that they are compliant with local and state laws and regulations.

Consulting is more than just a word. Let The Hughes Companies provide you with the type of comprehensive legal consulting that can only come from someone with legal training, extensive legal experience and complete knowledge of the cannabis industry.

Marijuana Expert Witness: Mr. Hughes is now offering his services in Oregon and nationally as an expert witness. In most marijuana cases, clients need an expert who can provide them with reports and testimony concerning the facts of the case. The government will use a law enforcement official as its expert, but who will you use? Mr. Hughes is a cannabis law expert who is licensed to practice law in three states. He has extensive knowledge of the cannabis plant and marijuana laws. He can analyze the details of a case and provide opinions on factual issues regarding compliance with state medical cannabis laws, quantity, weight, intent of possession, and other issues that are common in criminal cases involving marijuana.

Mediation: Mr. Hughes is also offering his services nationally as a mediator in cannabis business disputes. As the industry continues to expand and legal credence is given to contracts and agreements related to cannabis commerce, disputes will develop. Many of these disputes may end up in litigation and will be required to engage in alternate dispute resolution. Others will want to avoid the expensive and uncertain litigation process and try to mediate and resolve the dispute early on. The Hughes Companies is always on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry, and is now offering this service to help quickly and fairly resolve disputes within the cannabis industry.

Jury Trial Consultant: The Hughes Companies is now offering national Jury Trial Consulting services. Mr. Hughes has extensive jury trial experience and has been a trial lawyer for 16 years. He is a graduate of the renowned Trial Lawyers College, started by famed trial lawyer Gerry Spence. Whether or not your case involves cannabis, having the insight off a unique trial lawyer like Mr. Hughes can provide insight and knowledge that will certainly make you more prepared to present your clients case. If your case involves cannabis, Mr. Hughes expertise will be invaluable. The Hughes Companies is forecasting a dramatic rise in cannabis related civil cases in the future. This includes everything from transactional and contract related claims, to personal injury claims, housing claims, employments claims, and others, as cannabis slowly makes its way to the mainstream.

The Hughes Companies offers extensive legal experience and more than 20 years of study and research of cannabis production and distribution. As the legal landscape changes drastically for cannabis, The Hughes Companies is prepared to handle all of your legal related needs.

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If you need cannabis business consulting services or a cannabis expert witness for your case, call The Hughes Companies today! They will take the time to truly understand your needs and assist you with your situation. Don't hesitate to call my firm right away to learn more about our rates and how we can help you!

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